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1. Q: I am a beginner, which course should I go for?
A: Level 1 classes is best suited for beginners. At this level students are introduced to belly dance music and get accustomed to systematic practice through simple choreography based upon basic belly dance technique.

2. Q: I have learned belly dance for a short period of time, should I still start with level 1?
A: It depends on whether you have acquired solid basic technique. If you are uncertain, you can start with level 1 and consult your teacher for your next right level to go.

3. Q: What are the differences between choreography classes and dancing technique classes? How should I choose?
A: Choreography is about bringing music alive with body movements. So the teacher will choreograph movements or combinations based on a piece of music to allow students to learn to interpret a complete dance. Students will be given opportunities to perform and build up their stage experience to become a competent dancer. Technique training is necessary for consolidating and perfecting dancing , after students have learnt belly dance for a certain period of time. Technique courses can equip dancers with solid technique that brings their performance to a next level. Technique classes provide more in-depth drilling of dancing technique by deepening our understanding of body structure and various muscle movement mechanism.

4. Q: I want to learn belly dance primarily for fun, which course should I go for?
A: If you want to learn belly dance mainly for fun or to pass time, the choreography classes may suit you the best. Full dances will be choreographed based on music to enable you to learn belly dance systematically and build up confidence, all while enjoying the pleasure of dancing.

5. Q: I want to become an excellent belly dancer or a professional belly dance instructor, what courses are good for these purposes?
A: With these goals in mind, you should aim to acquire the most comprehensive and solid training. You are recommended to follow through choreography courses level 1, 2 , 3 and 4 as well as Technique classes of IBD, ATM and AFS and Belly Dance Teacher Training courses to become a truly well-rounded dancer or instructor。

6. Q: I am a beginner, is IBD suitable for me?
A: You are recommended to start with level 1 choreography classes before getting into IBD because the latter is designed for consolidating basic technique acquired at the beginners’ level.

7. Q: If I am absent from some classes, will make up class be available?
A: Yes, students have the opportunities for make-up classes in other regular classes held within the same period of their own classes.

8. Q: What attire should I wear for belly dance lessons?
A: Basically a sports top and pants are good enough. Practice clothing can be easily purchased too. Belly dance is usually performed barefoot. If you need some protection on your feet you can wear ballet shoes (?) or other protection footwear that are available at dance supplies shops.

9. Q: I am interested in becoming a member of Tribal Anima, how do I do this?
A: Prerequisite for joining Tribal Anima (TA) is completion of IBD. The HEAD of TA and its committee members will nominate TA Members among the best IBD students.
**All decisions of Tribal Anima Dance Company are subject to Tribal Anima Dance Company regulations

10. Q: I aspire to become a belly dance instructor, can I directly enrol in the Belly Dance Teacher Training courses?
A: Dancing foundation and experience are vital for becoming a professional instructor. You are therefore recommended to acquire a solid foundation first. You can consider enrolling simultaneously to choreography classes and technique classes to save some time in equipping yourself with comprehensive dancing foundation necessary for the teacher training.

11. Q: What are the major differences between instructors at Annasaba Dancing Academy and other instructors?
A: Our instructors are required to complete vigorous, comprehensive training in choreography and technique. They constantly advance and refresh their skills in master classes offered by our Academy as well as by various belly dance masters overseas.