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About Dance

Oriental Belly Dance

Oriental Belly Dance

Originating from the Middle East, Oriental Belly Dance is one of the earliest forms of dance. Introduced in Europe and America at the end of the 19th Century, the dance has gained popularity throughout the world and is now a well-known international dance genre.

Oriental Belly Dance has also received increasing attention in Hong Kong. Focused on abdomen and hip movements with emphasis on using muscle strength instead of joints, belly dance is a dance form that helps protect the body from injuries caused by incorrect posture and is thus suitable for women of different ages and body shapes. It is a versatile dance that is built upon beautiful, sensuous movements choreographed to Arabian music.

Tribal Fusion Belly Dance

Tribal Fusion Belly Dance

Tribal Fusion Belly Dance is a form of modern belly dance derived from American Tribal Style Belly Dance. Based on the major building blocks of Oriental Belly Dance, it also integrates elements of other traditional folk dances such as Flamenco and Indian Dance. In the recent decades, it has evolved to include some popular elements such as Hip Hop, Popping, Breaking and Jazz, developing into a unique belly dance genre of its own.

Tribal Fusion Belly Dance focuses on strengthening core muscles for better posture and movement. Persistent practice builds up dancers’ endurance, coordination and muscle control. The music choice for Tribal Fusion Belly Dance often comes in a greater variety than the Oriental Belly Dance, with Electric and Punk elements being some examples of the recent trend.

Our Curriculum 

Level 1

Suitable for beginners, basic belly dance technique is taught step-by-step with introduction to the 10 elements of belly dance movements. Focuses at this level are developing graceful pos-ture and enhancing body flexibility. Through simple dance combinations and choreography, students can begin to familiarise themselves with belly dance music and foundational tech-nique.

Level 2

Tailored for students with dancing foundation of any kinds or those who have completed two Level 1 courses, more advanced movements are built upon the 10 elements of body muscles. Technique involving shoulders and hands are further developed with more elaborate choreography.

Level 3

Designed for students with solid foundation of dancing or those who have completed four Level 1 and three Level 2 courses, this level aims at strengthening the core muscles and further developing the basic technique already acquired . Courses are enriched with the introduction of layering (combining two different movements simultaneously) and the use of props such as veils, canes and zills in more elaborate choreography.

Level 4

Suitable for students with approximately 2 years of experience in belly dance. With good muscle control and flexibility developed from previous courses, students are introduced to faster and more complex movements. Students are trained to understand the intensity and richness of emotions in a piece of music, analyse music rhythms and taught the technique for improvisation. There will be many performance opportunities for students to showcase what they have learnt.

System 1: Intensive Belly Dance Technique Training (IBD)
- Designed for students with at least half year of belly dance experience or those who are in-terested in furthering their studies of belly dance technique.
- Covers all major belly dance technique.
- Composed of 4 phases and 8 lessons per phase, totalling 32 lessons.
- Handouts will be distributed in class.
- Upon completing each phase, students can opt to take part in a free evaluation assessed by Ms Anna with written remarks.
- Students will be awarded a certificate of attendance upon successful completion of the four phases with 80% or above in attendance. 

Course outline:
- 10 basic elements
- Points, lines, 2D and 3D
- Shimmy and layering
- Undulations
- Circles
- Figure eights
- Turning skills
- Basic Arabic Rhythms and Zills
* This course is a pre-requisite for becoming member of Tribal Anima.

System 2:Advanced Training and Musicality (ATM)

- Student must have completed IBD in order to proceed to ATM.
- Courses are composed of 3 phases with 10 lessons each phase, totally 33 lessons.
- Aimed to reinforce students’ musicality, application of breathing, body rythme, energy flow and fluidity for more enigmatic and engaging stage presence.
- IBD contents will be revisited and consolidated with wider applications of limbs for comprehensive advanced training.
- Students will be awarded a certificate of attendance upon successful completion of the 3 phases with 80% or above in attendance.

Course outline:
- Arabian Dance Movements
- Advanced Arabic Rhythms and Improvisation
- Arms and Energy Flow
- Advanced Shimmy and Layerings.

System 3: Arabic Folklore Style (AFS)

- Students must have at least 2 years’ experience in belly dance and have completed IBD. 
- 5 phases, 8 lessons each, totalling 40 lessons.
- Course handouts will be distributed in class.
- Oriental dance originates from Arabic folklore, so this course is instrumental in introducing students to the origins of certain belly dance movements, belly dance history, its energy dy-namics and the diverse styles.
- Students will be awarded a certificate upon completion of 5 phases with 80% or above in attendance.