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Spiritual beauty is ever-lasting beauty

About Us

Annasaba Dance & Performance Academy was founded in 2014 by Anna Lam. In 2018, Master Olga Meos form Russian Kazakh was invited as the honorary consultant of our school. The Academy is Hong Kong’s first and the only belly dance school that has developed their in-house complete comprehensive curriculum. And they have exchanges with overseas international schools regularly. Dancing style is divided into traditional Middle Eastern style, tribal fusion style and Middle Eastern ethnic style. The teaching systematical were separate to Choreography and technique classes. There are Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced classes for choreography. And Intensive Belly Dance Technique Training courses (IBD), Advanced Training and Musicality (ATM) anti dancing technique. Also we have Choreography and Teacher Training courses.

The Academy expect to promoting different styles of belly dance, also committed to training belly dance lovers, outstanding performers and instructor, hoping to enhance the art of belly dancing in Hong Kong.

Belly dance is not only emphasizes tabdominal and hip movement, also needs to exercise the core muscles, while promoting extensibility, flexibility, agility, balance and musicality. Belly Dancing is a comprehensive dance.Systematic teaching help students develop their interest in learning and makes easier to master dancing skills. The academy has also provide opportunities to allow students to performance in public and in house, to develop confidence in dancing and enhance their personal appeal.

Our professional teaching enables students to master the technique of this beautiful art form step-by-step while enjoying the learning process. We also offer various performance opportunities for students to showcase their accomplishments and to facilitate the development of their self-confidence and charisma.

The Academy has also pioneered in presenting belly dance in the form of a drama. We staged “When Dreams Come True” and “The Hope Diamond” in 2012 and 2015 respectively with resounding success and high opinion. Become a pioneer of promote belly dancing in Hong Kong

The academy has been frequently featured in major media and performances for many years, and performances and interviews is countless, such as Radio Television Hong Kong,RTHK-Teenpower, Commercial Radio Hong Kong, TVB -Youth Nation, TVB - Entertainment News , Now Mango TV , Viu TV , Hong Kong Cultural Center, Sha Tin City Hall, Leisure and Cultural Services Department, etc...Through public and media exposure, we strive to establish a positive image of belly dance and to reinforce the artistic status of this beautiful dance which it rightly deserves.

Spiritual beauty is ever-lasting beauty.

We believe that the beauty that comes from spirituality. And this is the beauty that is lasting. Urbanites play is different roles in different parts of their lives, tight rhythm, and they always ignore their inner needs form the heart. We hope through belly dancing, let's students understand their body, thus they can express inner emotions form the heart, enhance their spirituality from the artistic perspective, and extend the Spiritual beauty from inside to outside, Everlasting.