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Spiritual beauty is ever-lasting beauty

About Us

Annasaba Dance & Performance Academy was founded in 2014 by Anna Lam, one of the most acclaimed belly dance performers, choreographers, and teachers in Hong Kong. The Academy is Hong Kong’s first and the only belly dance school that has developed in-house a comprehensive curriculum that draws upon Anna’s rich experience in performing and teaching. Belly dance is a rich, ancient art form highly diverse in its styles and origins, encompassing major genres such as the traditional Oriental dance, the Tribal Fusion dance and Folkloric dance. Our curriculum caters to students with different objectives and of all skill-levels. We provide all levels of regular choreography classes, technique drilling classes as well as teacher training classes. Our goals are not only to nurture more belly dance lovers and outstanding performers but also to promote the artistic status of this sophisticated, enigmatic dance that has evolved through the centuries.  

Belly dance is a well- rounded dance. Training emphasises the application of the major muscle groups such as abdominal and hip muscles. Persistent belly dance practice is effective in en-hancing muscle strength while promoting flexibility and agility, facilitating limb extension for uplifting beautiful posture as well as for improving overall coordination, balance and musicality. Belly dance is also increasingly recognised as a great way to help women connect to their femininity, boosting their self-confidence and bringing out their unique beauty.

Our professional teaching enables students to master the technique of this beautiful art form step-by-step while enjoying the learning process. We also offer various performance opportunities for students to showcase their accomplishments and to facilitate the development of their self-confidence and charisma.


The Academy has also pioneered in presenting belly dance in the form of a drama. We staged ”When Dreams Come True” and “The Hope Diamond” in 2012 and 2015 respectively with resounding success and set a remarkable milestone in the development of belly dance by bringing this art form live through drama in Hong Kong.

The academy has been frequently featured in major electronic and print media such as The Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK), The Commercial Radio, various programs in TVB ,Viu TV and Now Mango TV. We have also performed in various major occasions at The Hong Kong Cultural Centre, Shatin Town Hall, and co-organised and performed public performances offered by Leisure and Cultural Services Department of Hong Kong to the general public. Through public and media exposure, we strive to establish a positive image of belly dance and to reinforce the artistic status of this beautiful dance which it rightly deserves.

Spiritual beauty is ever-lasting beauty.